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Saturday, 19 Jan 2019

About Us


The 12 Volt Outlet has been trading for 13 years, the company Director Jeff Green Started the business in 1997.

Who for the past 26 years previously owned an automotive air conditioning company ,which grew dramatically with old fashion service and honest values. It actually grew too big so the decision to sell was easy.

With a background of refrigeration/air conditioning and auto electrician the 12 Volt outlet was a natural transition

Marine refrigeration and air conditioning service work became part of the business plan. With limited service providers available this side of the business grew steadily. Our skills level on the DC fridge’s grew and we were quickly recognised as an industry service repair agent for many leading brands, Vitrifrigo, Isotherm, Waeco.

The background of the name became evident, when one weekend whilst sitting at anchor in a quiet secluded location, a visiting boat arrived, dropped anchor and ignited its generator which removed the serenity of this once peaceful cove. From that point on I started to rethink how we can generate power for creature comforts and necessities.

With new battery technology, plus the advance of solar and wind generation there was a better way.

This introduced DC powered fridges with performance outcomes that are equal to any 230 volt fridges with further enhancements to be introduced.

12 Volt Outlet was recently appointed world distribution of the world’s most advanced, multi voltage fridge system. This has been designed for do-it-yourself owners or the experienced tradesman.

This well manufactured and engineered product range is an absolute perfect fit into our business model.

Another arm of the business is diagnosing and rectifying Electrolysis issues, We have been blessed with ongoing training and support from Australia’s leading electrolysis specialist MPS, in WA. 13 years ago 12 Volt Outlet was appointed NSW dealer for MPS, we have grown together with many new product releases since our marriage.

Batteries become an integral part of the 12 Volt Outlet product range, without good quality batteries 12 Volt would not exist. We carry a broad range of AGM ( Absorbed Glass Matt) batteries.

We understand that many owners prefer to work on their craft and motor homes. Most clients speak to us and complain about how hard it is to find good quality parts and systems at an affordable price. The many years we have been traveling the world visiting different trade looking for specialty components. Items to soon join our family include


  • Climate control products, heating, cooling
  • Fridges for RV and Marine
  • Unique film for making glass opaque or clear
  • Infra Red heating mats

We saw a need for prevention of all hydra carbon products such as oils and fuels entering the water ways, years of searching found the solution in a bio mediation product. Unique in its own right as it attracts the oils absorbs them and then converts them to a CO2 leaving nothing behind, almost a miracle


Our mission statement

“To provide a level of service that I as a customer would be happy to tell others about”

Our Promise

I constantly hear stories about tradesman not being reliable, honest and when they finally do some work its not professional .

Communication is our greatest tool, ask the appropriate questions so you can provide informed advice. How do you know what the client wants if you don’t ask?

Don’t tell them what you think they need to hear, ask probing question to provide solutions to solve their problems.

You will receive correct advice in areas we specialise in, its up to you if you wish to accept it and act upon it.