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Saturday, 19 Jan 2019

Oil Remediation


BioSok for fuel & oil absorption and remediation in boat bilges
BIO-SOK® Bilge Maintenance System is an easy-to-use, completely nontoxic and environmentally sound means of capturing and biodegrading the oil and fuel that leaks in a boat bilge and often escapes into marina waters. When you need a way to keep marina waters free of bilge oil and other fuel contaminants, uses BIO-SOK® Bilge Maintenance System.

Placed inside the bilge, the BIO-SOK® begins to absorb the hydrocarbons, it reduces odor, and biodegrades the leaking oil. BioSok will generally last a full boating season under most normal conditions. When BioSok is depleted, you can simply throw away the outside fiber sleeve. There is nothing left to harm the environment.

The BIO-SOK® is safe, clean and keeps working so you don't have to.

PRP Powder for hydrocarbon spill clean-up on oil, fuel and other liquid petroleums
PRP Powder is especially well adapted for land, water and hard surface petroleum spills in areas such as industrial plant settings (such as cooling ponds and tanks), shorelines - whether rocky or sandy - marinas, railroad tracks, oil wells/oil fields, maintenance facilities, truck roll-overs, and marshes/wetlands remediation where PRP can mitigate the collateral damage to the ecosystem caused by clean up crews.

Methods of applying PRP range from a simple hand sprinkle to portable, mechanized hydro seeders.

PRP consists of tiny spheres of treated wax, which contain nutrients. When a wax sphere comes in contact with spilled oil, it "binds" with the hydrocarbons. Nutrients in the sphere help microorganisms from the immediate environment flourish until they eat every droplet of oil. PRP will absorb and remediate, over time, more than 20 times its weight.
Petroleum Remediation Product (PRP) can be used for various oil, fuel and other liquid petroleum hydrocarbon cleanup applications such as fuel or oil spilled on land or ground, oil spills on shorelines, waterways or marinas, hydraulic fluid spilled in industrial plants, vehicle leaks, gasoline or fuels flowing into stormwater runoff, heating oil in home storage tanks, railroad ballasts, oil wells & oil fields, transformer vaults, maintenance facilities, vehicle rollovers, marsh and wetlands, car wash or parking garage washing usage or areas where oil, diesel fuel, gasoline, liquid petroleum or other hydrocarbon cleanup and natural bioremediation requirements.

PRPs initial efficacy was quantified under simulated field conditions. This efficacy study was conducted by an independent environmental technology evaluation organization known as the National Environmental Technology Applications Corporation (NETAC). NETAC was key in the development of methods currently used by the U.S. EPA to evaluate biological methods that enhance oil spill degradation. There are five key findings of the study:
1.    PRP Powder enhances the biodegrading of diesel fuel as compared to non-stimulated natural population of micro organisms.
2.    PRP Powder treatment reduced the presence of aliphatic hydrocarbon compounds by 97% and aromatic compounds by 76%; reduction in the control product were 48% of aliphatic compounds and 5% of aromatic compounds.
3.    PRP Powder interacts with diesel fuel oil to form a matrix, producing a mixture which is solid and relatively stable.
4.    No enhancement in biodegradation was found in the control group of sorbents.
5.    PRP Powder used in conjunction with an absorbent and a boom, absorbs petroleum products and enhances the biodegradation of diesel fuel oil by absorption into the sorbent boom.
PRP is now in use in multiple remediation scenarios across a wide spectrum of industries.

BioBoom for oil spill boom clean up
BIO-BOOM® is the product of choice for quick containment of actual and anticipated oil and fuel spills on water. Kept near potential spill areas, BIO-BOOM® can be a ready response when a hydrocarbon spill occurs. Also, Placed in a strategic locations, BIO-BOOM® can restrict the spread of an expected spill.

Many products contain a spill, though that's where BIO-BOOM® is different! In addition to quickly containing a hydrocarbon spill, this boom will also biodegrade the contaminant, then biodegrade itself. Because no secondary contaminants are left, your disposal costs are reduced or eliminated.

When a spill happens in open water, containment is key! BioBooms can contain a spreading spill while the PRP inside consumes the pollution.

Whether the spill is in open water, marinas, holding ponds or lagoons, BioBooms hold the spill in place while the PRP works. When the oil is gone, the PRP degrades itself leaving only empty fabric. There's no toxic waste requiring tedious expensive disposal.

Each BioBoom is a sleeve of white fabric measuring three inches in diameter. Each boom is custom made in lengths up to 10 feet and it weighs eight pounds. One BioBoom can immediately absorb from 12 to 16 pounds of contaminant, but can degrade much more over time.
Oil Buster for oil spill cleaning on hard surfaces
A combination of PRP and a proprietary blend of ground corncob used to absorb and remediate oil, fuel and other hydrocarbons from hard surfaces such as concrete, asphalt or wood. Simply apply Oilbuster by sprinkling on affected area.
Important note:  Oil Buster not guaranteed to remove oil stains or oil from ‘old’ oil spill stains on garage floors or driveways

MPS provides a range of services inclusive of:
•    Vessel surveys to determine the cause of corrosion and electrolysis;
•    Marina and yacht club surveys to identify earth leakage and electrolysis issues;
•    Cathodic protection design and consultancy services; and
•    Consulting for anode positioning on new vessels.